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Re: rtl playing with modules and lambda*'s

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: rtl playing with modules and lambda*'s
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 22:29:29 +0800

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 5:20 AM, Stefan Israelsson Tampe
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Until wingo starts coding we can only support him by learning the current
> code base and learn what is needed in order
> to finalize that work. Also shelving out bugs by exercising the code would
> be nice. So I have this grand plan of compiling
> the whole of guile to in rtl and use the tests already made, to find the
> bugs, fix them and so on.

hi Stefan!
It's very nice to see your passion, and I'm dealing with an naive
AOT-compiler for Christmas hack.
I think it has to be 'naive' before our RegisterVM come to a stage to
be hacked from.
I'll do it after the colored-REPL is done.

This mail is nothing but an encouragment between us, and other guys
who's interested in. ;-)
I'll come soon, you're not alone.

> So my latest endeavor have been into
> 1. Making modules work
> 2. Making lambda* work
> To make this work one need to implement a few wrapper instructions, as
> described in the previous mail.
> Those are,
> (define-macro-assembler (toplevel-set asm dst val sym sm ss)
>   (let ((s (emit-non-immediate asm sym))
>         (d (emit-non-immediate asm (current-module))))
>     (emit-static-ref asm sm d)
>     (emit-static-ref asm ss s)
>     (emit-resolve asm dst sm ss)
>     (emit-box-set! asm dst val)))
> (define-macro-assembler (toplevel-define asm rsp val ss sym)
>   (let ((s (emit-non-immediate asm sym)))
>     (emit-static-ref asm ss s)
>     (emit-define asm rsp ss val)))
> (define-macro-assembler (module asm dst mod sym pred)
>   (let ((s (emit-non-immediate asm sym))
>         (m (emit-non-immediate asm (cons pred mod)))
>         (v (intern-constant asm 0 #:slot #t)))
>     (emit-module-ref asm dst v m s)))
> (define-macro-assembler (module-set asm dst sm mod ss sym pred v)
>   (let ((s (emit-non-immediate asm sym))
>         (m (emit-non-immediate asm mod))
>         (p (if pred 1 0)))
>     (emit-static-ref asm sm m)
>     (emit-static-ref asm ss s)
>     (emit-resolve-module asm dst ss  p)
>     (emit-resolve        asm dst dst ss)
>     (emit-box-set! asm dst v)))
> (define-macro-assembler (keys-opt asm nreq nopts allow-other-keys? has-rest?
> kw)
>   (let* ((nreq       nreq)
>          (iao       (if allow-other-keys? 1 0))
>          (ihr       (if has-rest?         2 0))
>          (flags     (+ iao ihr))
>          (nreq+nopt (+ nopts nreq))
>          (ntotal    (+ nreq+nopt (length kw)))
>          (kw-ref    (emit-non-immediate asm kw)))
>     (emit-bind-kwargs asm nreq flags nreq+nopt ntotal kw-ref)))
> As you can see the reference module operations are straightforward but the
> set! is very verbose
> and somewhat complex to use. Also the keys-opt one used to make lambda*
> works is not but a simple wrapper that
> construct the static data in order for the function to work as advertized.
> with this I can now compile srfi-1.scm to rtl and also the basics of modules
> also seems to be in place! cool.
> So the next step would be to compile srfi-1 to actual rtl-value and start
> thinking of testing the code for correctness as well.
> Have fun
> /Stefan

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