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Re: A comprehensible introduction to Ian Grant's ideas

From: Taylan Ulrich Bayirli/Kammer
Subject: Re: A comprehensible introduction to Ian Grant's ideas
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2014 14:32:49 +0200
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Mark H Weaver <address@hidden> writes:

> Ian, you are a _terrible_ communicator.  IMO, your biggest problems are:
> 1. You present your ideas in a far too abstract way, making it hard for
>    those of us who haven't already been long acquainted with your ideas
>    to begin to understand them.
> 2. You write far too much, making it hard for us to find the few
>    writings of yours that might be able to get through our thick skulls.
> 3. You insult us, making us predisposed to want to dismiss you.

I'd like to say that I thoroughly agree.

> However, I found a blog post of yours that I believe is a relatively
> good introduction to your ideas.  I suspect this is because it is a
> response to Paul Koning, who had the effect of keeping your thoughts
> organized, and less abstracted.
> * * *
> For those who would like to try to understand Ian's ideas, I would
> recommend first reading this excellent interview with Edsger Dijkstra,
> which Ian cites in his post:
> and then read Ian's response to Paul Koning:
>      Best,
>       Mark


Of course thanks to Ian as well, for actually bringing up the ideas,
even if in somewhat a headache inducing way.


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