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Re: guile-lib - devel branch - patch 4 of 11

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: guile-lib - devel branch - patch 4 of 11
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 20:53:44 -0300


> > > > 2.69 is the latest stable, available since April 2012  

> > > If there are known problems with older versions that get in the way, I
> > > agree.  Are there?  

> > Are there?  

> That's what I asked.  Do you know the answer?

Don't you understand? How could I possibly answer that quiz, since it's been 4 
I use 2.69? You can't tell for sure just because there has been no complain: 
you can
only tell for sure if someone you 'trust' check with what ever version you'd 
like to

I have no interest here, but if you do check and guarantee it works, I happy to
trust you.

> > > Besides, other packages might required older versions.  

> > Are you aware of any incompatibilities between 2.69 and earlier 2.x 
> > version(s) of
> > autoconf?  

> That's not the point.

It is exactly the point sorry.  Besides, when a package requires an earlier 
then the latest stable, which is the case for Guile-Clutter for example, then
developers should provide a guidance for users, on how to exactly locally 
earlier then stable versions in a way that it does not interfere with the rest 
the system.

Besides, 'users' who locally manually install and compile GDB probably know a 
more then I on the subject :) And I bet they all setup a specific environment 

If they do not have a specific environment, these advanced 'users' [you mean top
notch hackers right?] know they can locally edit our file and try 
ever version of autoconf they have... It will most probably work, I agree with 
but I'm not interested to try and offer guarantee...


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