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Re: Setting up CI for Guile

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Setting up CI for Guile
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2016 17:16:11 +0200
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Thompson, David writes:

>> I'm a big fan of CI (automated testing), and maybe you are too. I'd
>> love to have CI for reviewing patches of Guile.
> This is a good idea.


> That's unfortunate.  It's important to build from scratch, which means
> bootstrapping the compiler, which indeed takes awhile, but patches
> generally take days or longer to be reviewed and merged so a few hours
> is no big deal, IMO.  The GNU Guix project is working on a replacement
> for its current CI system at that runs Hydra from the
> Nix project, named Cuirass, so I think we should try to use that
> instead of GitLab.

I so much like this idea, that I contributed some patches to Cuirass to
do exactly this.  Next to being a CI dedicated for GuixSD to track any
package's git.  Here's the discussion

patches are in  Cuirass now and anyone is much encouraged to play.

> I think this is a wonderful idea that could use a new implementation.
> Thanks for getting the ball rolling with the proof-of-concept!



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