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Status of elisp support in Guile

From: Wilfred Hughes
Subject: Status of elisp support in Guile
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2016 22:42:17 -0400

I've noticed that NEWS in Guile trunk says:

** Complete Emacs-compatible Elisp implementation

However, I can see that there are 36 commits on the wip-elisp branch
that aren't in master. For example, defsubst support[1] seems only to
be on wip-elisp branch. It's still the case the guile-emacs docs[2]
recommend using the wip-elisp branch.

I can merge master into wip-elisp only one trivial conflict[3]. Can
anyone shed any light on the work outstanding here, and the process to
land these patches? Relatedly, what's the process for getting commit
access to Guile?


1: defsubst declaration:
and use:

2: guile-emacs docs:
particularly the build instructions (which I've recently refactored):

3: conflict: 'check symbols constants uninterned'
seems to have been independently fixed in master 'Don't serialize
uninterned symbols'

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