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Re: GNU Guile 2.1.7 released (beta)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: Re: GNU Guile 2.1.7 released (beta)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 21:30:09 +0100
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On Mon 27 Feb 2017 20:32, Mike Gran <address@hidden> writes:

> A C++ STL container holds a set of STL-allocated (non-GC allocated)
> structs.
> Those STL-allocated structs are also used as the payloads of
> SCM foreign objects.
> STL destruction can free those objects.  That free
> should not allow SCM foreign objects that continue to exist but
> contain junk payloads.
> Also should SCM GC free the SCM foreign objects, this GC
> should not cause the non-GC-allocated payload to be freed.

I believe this issue was fixed in
8dff3af087c6eaa83ae0d72aa8b22aef5c65d65d in Guile 2.0 and in a related
commit in 2.2.


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