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Re: GNU Guile 2.1.7 released (beta)

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: GNU Guile 2.1.7 released (beta)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 00:00:40 +0100

2017-02-26 18:57 GMT+01:00 Andy Wingo <address@hidden>:
> On Fri 24 Feb 2017 18:46, Arne Babenhauserheide <address@hidden> writes:
>> The main strategical question I see for that is: Does anything make it
>> harder to complete or improve the lilypond transition to Guile 2?
>> Is there something which would need to be done before 2.2 which could
>> make it easier for lilypond developers?
> I don't know of any concrete points here.  2.2 is not dissimilar to 2.0.
> If you someone like to try to determine exactly what specific bits of
> Guile 2.2 impact Lilypond (and indeed any big application using the C
> interface), that would be welcome :)  I guess I'd start with NEWS to see
> what's up.
> Andy


I'm more a musician and LilyPond power-user. As a developer I'm
focused on creating new, directly usable functionality.
So I feel pretty much out of my league here...
Though, I hope a view from a LilyPond user may find some interest.

Due to bug-fixes guile-2.0.12 was the first version which could be
used to build LilyPond, afaik.
We have now LilyDev-5.1 for use in a VB (with guile-2.10.13), for
everyone who wants to work on guilev2 migration.

Meanwhile I have a LilyPond-build with guile-2.1.7 on my machine.
(With a brute-force fix, simply deleting all functionality related to
Replacing it with scm_gc_protect_object as the IRC-log
seems to suggest didn't work)

The main problems/TODOs are listed here (same for guile-2.0.13 and 2.1.7):
With no warranty for completeness.

Let me pick some of them:
lilypond filename_名字.ly
fatal error: failed files: "filename_??????.ly"

Floating point numbers are different in some decimal digits.
Possible impact on spacing in a regression-test for utf-8.

Most imortant for users:
LilyPond slowed down dramatically. Today I tested a huge file:

lilypond 2.19.52 with guile-1.8

real    9m8.229s
user    6m41.156s
sys     0m11.940s

lilypond 2.19.56 with guile-2.1.7

real    48m45.225s
user    65m43.252s
sys     0m6.320s

Investigating and fixing those is beyond my current knowledge.
Though, that's the current state, afaik.


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