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GTK3 bindings status

From: Mike Gran
Subject: GTK3 bindings status
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2018 15:51:48 -0800
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After a few weeks hacking, I have actually got a library that parses
GObject-Introspection *.typelib files to create Guile bindings, and I
have added just enough machinery to get GTK's famous Example 1 to run.


The library code is an awful mess, so I wouldn't bother trying to
build it or use it, yet, but, it was a milestone I though I might

The cool part of that example is that I'm using a lambda as a GObject
button "clicked" signal callback, which ended up requiring quite a bit
of infrastructure and FFI.

So a few weeks ago there was a bit of discussion about the best way to
accomplish a GTK3 binding for Guile.  I got a lot of great advice,
but, I decided to choose a low-level approach to it, mostly in C, for
now, which I believe is necessary to smooth the edges between
GTK's API and Scheme.  Also, I decided to skip GOOPS for a more direct
approach, which may or may not be a terrible idea.


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