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Re: Doc patches outstanding

From: Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: Doc patches outstanding
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 20:02:09 +0100
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Jean Abou Samra <> writes:

> Le 17/01/2023 à 07:21, Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide a écrit :
>> Jean Abou Samra <> writes:
>>> Thank you for applying the first one nevertheless. I am attaching
>>> patch files for the other two, that should work better.
>> They are applied and pushed now — thank you, and thank you for your patience!
>> For the eval-when-example I wrote a small change to the wording, because
>> I found that the example actually runs in Guile 3.0.8, but retrieves the
>> runtime value of the date-time instead of the compile-time value.
>> Can you have a look? If it’s good to go from your side, I’d push it.
> Well... you're right. Although it cannot be byte-compiled, it can be
> evaluated (actually, I find it surprising that evaluating a file
> evaluates the S-exprs one by one rather than first macroexpanding
> everything...).

It’s pushed now — thank you for checking!

If you have more small changes you’d like to get merged, feel free to
ping me for review.

Might not be very fast, but I’m glad we’re moving forward on these.

Best wishes,
Unpolitisch sein
heißt politisch sein,
ohne es zu merken.

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