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guile-gnome's version control

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: guile-gnome's version control
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 15:55:15 +0200

Hey all,

I'm growing quite frustrated with guile-gnome's VCS setup. The need to
have many branches mirrored in strange places just to get sane offline
operation is too much for my brain. Also, everyone else on the planet
has moved away from gnu arch, and I think it's time we had something
easier to use.

I am fond of distributed version control systems. I think that they are
especially important for Scheme projects, because anything that gets
done in the scheme world is done by individuals -- when in the course of
events some hacker goes AWOL, other hackers need to be able to pick up
the torch without permission. So I would suggest we move to one of the
newer VCS systems, such as bzr or darcs.

Alternately if you all think distributed version control is a bad idea,
we could move to subversion, which is very easy, if not particularly

If we do stay distributed, I think it is best to move to the model where
I am the only committer to the official guile-gnome repo. Because with
the newer version control systems, making a branch is the same as
checking out, the overhead will be less than it is now.

Also, having me being the only committer will take out one level of
confusion, the split between the ostensibly upstream guile-gnome repo
and my more up-to-date private branch. This would be similar to the
setup that the darcs author uses.

I think it is important to move sooner rather than later to avoid
wasting more time on the process, rather than focusing time on the code.
So please give your opinions -- part of this moving desire is to make it
easier for people to contribute and get their patches upstream, so your
input is important to me.



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