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Useful Sites # 72 about Argentina, Food, Government Contracts and Search

From: FITA's Really Useful Sites
Subject: Useful Sites # 72 about Argentina, Food, Government Contracts and Search Engines
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 06:27:13 -0500 (EST)

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Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals Issue 72 Volume 3 
Number 24
November 19, 2003
Issue 72
VOLUME 3 Number 24

Hello, John McDonnell here, with your latest issue of Really Useful Sites for 
International Trade Professionals. This issue we look to South America for 
resources on Argentina, a fertile land for trade. Do you like turkey? You'll 
find plenty of delicious information about turkeys at Want to 
sell to the government? Visit B2GMarket, and you'll find tons of leads just 
waiting to be pursued. Finally, I have a site with links to hundreds of 
country-specific search engines, so you can target your searches and save time.
If you'd like more information about international trade, go to FITA's 
International Trade/ Import-Export Portal <> ( 
), an excellent source for trade leads, news, events, and a link library of 
7,000 sites related to international trade.


Mention Argentina and most people will think of Evita, the tango, world class 
soccer teams, and gauchos riding the pampas. But look a little closer, and 
you'll see that Argentina is more than that. The second largest country in 
South America, Argentina has a highly literate population, vast natural 
resources, and an economy that has been progressively easing its trade 
barriers. Imports in 2002 were US $9 billion, while exports were US $25 
billion, so there's definitely potential here for anyone interested in 
international trade. 
Here are some sites and resources to get you started. 
Argentina Business <> ( ). Here you'll find loads of data about 
Argentina's economy. There are links to country profiles from U.S. and 
international organizations (CIA, World Bank), and economic data from the 
Argentine government, including production and trade statistics by industry, as 
well as the latest news, stock market quotes, and bank rates. 
Trade Leads On-line <> ( ). This site also has market information and 
economic data, but in addition it has a database where you can post trade 
leads. Just scroll down the page and click on the section you want to go to. 
The Chamber of the Americas <> is a FITA 
member association that promotes business with Latin America. Click here 
<mailto:address@hidden> to request to be put on their mailing list that sends 
information about issues and events related to business in Latin America. 
FITA's Global Trade Book Store <> 
offers an extensive collection of books about doing business in Latin America. 
Click here for the Latin America Global Trade Book Store 
<>. There are many more links to 
Argentina at the FITA site. Go to the FITA International Trade Web Resources 
<> (, click on 
Regional Resources and Multi-Lateral Trading Areas in the left column, then 
scroll down to Latin America and click on Argentina in the drop-down box. Or 
simply type "Argentina" in the search box at 


Governments are some of the biggest consumers of goods and services in the 
world, and you can't neglect them if you're looking for new markets. One way to 
find out what governments are buying is to visit B2GMarket 
<> ( ). This site has a database of 
government procurement information, both in the U.S. (federal, state, and local 
governments), and internationally. You can search for bid opportunities, 
analyze purchasing histories of government agencies, review contract histories 
(to see who buys what from whom), pinpoint federal purchasing officers, and 
more. The cost is $29.95 a month, but you can try it free for one week to see 
if B2GMarket is right for you. 

Speeding International Trade and Facilitating Tighter National Security;6492643;8574818;a?

Learn from the experts how to automate and streamline your trade processes, so 
that you can reduce the risks of doing business internationally. In this SAP 
Webcast, you’ll discover how to:

Ensure vigilant trade compliance 
Facilitate tighter national security 
Reduce risks of expensive fines and penalties 
Meet documentation requirements 
Avoid costly delays at borders and customs 
Manage the complexities and risks of global trade 

Learn how to break down the barriers to smooth cross-border trade with SAP 
Global Trade Services <>. 
Register now at 


There's no denying that the big search engines like Google and Yahoo are 
useful, but when I want specific information I sometimes find it's better to 
use a smaller, more targeted search engine. This is especially true if you're 
looking for information specific to a country. That's where the Directory of 
Search Engines <> 
( ) comes in handy. This is a page of 
links to country-specific search engines, and you'll be amazed at how many 
there are. There are five search engines that pertain to Haiti, for example. 
Tiny Liechtenstein has four. You'll find more accurate information quicker by 
using these search engines, and it's certainly faster than slogging through 
hundreds of pages of hits on Google.  

EATTURKEY.COM <> ( ). Although 
Thanksgiving is a U.S. holiday, people all over the world enjoy turkey, which 
is why I thought this site would be useful. has everything you'll 
ever want to know about turkeys -- recipes, cooking tips, chef demonstration 
videos, facts & statistics (did you know Ben Franklin wanted the turkey named 
America's national bird?), and much more.  

We welcome our subscribers to publish this whole issue or articles from it. But 
please note that all material is copyrighted by FITA and must be copied with 
the following attribution: 
"This is copied from the newsletter Really Useful Sites for International Trade 
Professionals <>, a free, 
bi-weekly email publication of FITA - The Federation of International Trade 
Associations. Please feel free to subscribe to this newsletter at <>." 

If you'd like to see all back issues of Really Useful Sites for International 
Trade Professionals, the full list is at 


Use the search box below to search terms in all issues of this newsletter since 
February 2001 

Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to others.

Published by Federation of International Trade Associations 
Copyright © 2003 Federation of International Trade Associations. All rights 



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