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Re: Redistributing Guile contributions

From: Jürgen A. Erhard
Subject: Re: Redistributing Guile contributions
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2000 02:03:21 +0200
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>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Knotwell <address@hidden> writes:

    >> Keisuke Nishida <address@hidden> writes:
    >> > I don't know if it is realistic or desirable, but how about "Guile on
    >> > SourceForge"?
    >> It is realistic but not desirable.
    >> Sourceforge explicitly endorses the Open Source Movement.  Putting
    >> Guile at Sourceforge would look like Guile endorsing the Open Source
    >> Movement against the Free Software Movement.

    Brad> I must be dense, but how does choosing the feature-rich
    Brad> Sourceforge over the relatively feature-impoverished
    Brad> (unless you're talking about some other gnu
    Brad> site) "look like Guile endorses the Open Source Movement
    Brad> against the Free Software Movement?"  To pretty much any
    Brad> casual observer and, I suspect, most non-casual observers,
    Brad> it would just look like the obviously correct choice. is not a development site like SourceForge... GNU is much
more than just

Though I'd wish the `backend' would be more visible... like, make the
CVS repos on subversions visible on

    >> Therefore we'll move to GNU instead, where we can setup all
    >> infrastructure we want.

    Brad> Perhaps I misunderstand something, but does this mean it
    Brad> would be better, for hair-splitting political reasons, to
    Brad> recreate some/all of the work done by the people at
    Brad> Sourceforge and graciously donated to the software
    Brad> community?

There isn't much (if any) recreation... for once, most of the
important stuff is already installed (there's a CVS repo, for
example).  And much of the things on SourceForge is unnecessary... I
personally hate those Web-only fora.  (SourceForge is too web-based
IMAO (A=Annoyed, not Arrogant (at least in this case ;-) )))

*And* `we' can setup what *we* want (we're not bound to SF's choice of
bugtracker, or ML software (okay, *GNU* Mailman is a no-brainer)... or
source-control system (I'm likely to switch to Subversion as soon as
it's in an at least semi-usable state))

And GNU *is* political (for some definition of...)

Bye, J

PS: What I love about SourceForge is its openness... however wants to,
can use it.  What I'd love even more is an equally open site, but with
a stronger emphasis on liberty (;-)

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