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Re: Guile is becoming as fast as rep

From: Keisuke Nishida
Subject: Re: Guile is becoming as fast as rep
Date: 21 Sep 2000 17:47:24 -0400
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John Harper <address@hidden> writes:

> yes, that's what I meant, I'm starting to run out of things to optimize
> now, but your vm probably still has untapped potentional :-) 

Do you think I can port some of your compiler code to Guile?

> |Why don't you dynamically compile the user input and run it?
> |I mean I think your repl could be written as something like
> |  (define (repl)
> |    (print (vm-exec (compile (read)))))
> |Your compiler is too slow?  Or your VM does not have debugging
> |facilities?  Hmm, maybe I should read the source.  Probably
> |there are something I can steal :)
> I've considered doing this, but compiling ahead of time is more
> efficient for the things I normally use the system for..

Yes, I agree, and I'm going to save bytecodes in files, too.
However, I often find byte-compiling is too tedious while writing
Lisp/Scheme code.  I never, for example, byte-compile Emacs Lisp
code while developing it.  (Maybe everyone.)

During development I want to load programs from source files, not
compiled files, but still want them to run fast.  By dynamically
compiling the program, we would obtain the same speed just at the
expense of loading time.  I think this is good.

-- Kei

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