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Re: Guile is becoming as fast as rep

From: Dan Mills
Subject: Re: Guile is becoming as fast as rep
Date: 22 Sep 2000 02:03:54 -0400
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* "Keisuke" == Keisuke Nishida <address@hidden> writes:

  Keisuke>  Lisp/Scheme code.  I never, for example, byte-compile Emacs Lisp
  Keisuke>  code while developing it.  (Maybe everyone.)

Not that I've written that much elisp.. but I do compile it sometimes.
It's pretty easy if you have a keybing for it in emacs.

  Keisuke>  During development I want to load programs from source files, not
  Keisuke>  compiled files, but still want them to run fast.  By dynamically
  Keisuke>  compiling the program, we would obtain the same speed just at the
  Keisuke>  expense of loading time.  I think this is good.

Well.. it could be an option, no? :-)  Choice is good.


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