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RE: Guile extension module skeleton package available

From: Nicholas Harbour
Subject: RE: Guile extension module skeleton package available
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 15:01:42 -0400

>If someone was to start a module from scratch, all the files in the
>skeleton would have to be created anyway.  Most of them would be very
>similar or the same as the skeleton.  Doesn't really make sense to
>copyright and license it to me.  Unless maybe the script that does the
>The FreeBSD example-driver-creator-thing puts your name in the copyright
>info.  There is either a comment in the generated code or it asks for
>your name and inserts it.

I am by no means a lawyer, but I have always though of PD as meaning that
noone else could license or copyright the original version.  I am not sure
about software, but I believe it is the same as with public domain music
where the original score is totally public domain, but if a composer writes
a modified version or an arrangement, they are allowed to copyright it.

also, if you release something to the public without a license, is it by
default public domain?

$.03 (the dow is up a little right now)

Nicholas Harbour

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