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Re: I18N/M17N?

From: Masao Uebayashi
Subject: Re: I18N/M17N?
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 00:46:40 +0900

> I am not sure I understood you correctly, but you seem to be
> saying you do not like UTF-8.  What is your objection, and
> does it apply to all of Unicode, or just UTF-8 encoding?

I should have said 'Unicode', yes.  After having got your reply, I've
been reading Ken Lunde's "CJKV Information Processing", but I'm not
sure how character sets other than Unicode are used in UCS-* and

> Semi-agreed.  I don't really know enough about the emacs
> approach to make specific suggestions, but I hate to see
> a policy of bug compatibility.

You hate only bugs? ;)

> I have been subscribed to this list for five or six years.  I don't
> really remember a consensus so much as a change of subject.  If a
> person from Japan were to write a reasonable description of how things
> should be, it might well create a consensus.  Most European-Americans
> would probably be satisfied to extend Ascii to eight bit Latin-1
> and call it done.

Hmm. You look generous. You are ready to incorporate things if others
want, and even if you don't need it?

> > Hmm, why didn't you mention Mule? Isn't it the consensus that adopting
> > Mule's internal encoding to Guile?
> Where is the place to learn the details of Mule?

I could find this

Especially the following gives a good overview.


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