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ANNOUNCEMENT: ILISP 5.11 for advanced Emacs--Guile interaction

From: Matthias Koeppe
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: ILISP 5.11 for advanced Emacs--Guile interaction
Date: 14 May 2001 13:59:40 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.0808 (Gnus v5.8.8) Emacs/20.6

This is to announce availabilty of ILISP 5.11, an Emacs package for
advanced interaction of Emacs with an inferior Lisp system, such as

Guile Scheme support has improved significantly since version 5.10.
Here are the key features:

 * The Guile module system is supported.  That is, when you eval
   changed defines, they end up in the right module.

 * ILISP can complete symbols; only the symbols visible in the module
   of the edited file are taken into consideration.  

 * ILISP can retrieve procedure documentation (this requires Guile 1.4
   or later); use `documentation-lisp'.

 * ILISP can retrieve procedure arglists (even for primitive
   procedures by parsing the documentation); use `arglist-lisp'. Use
   `arglist-lisp' with a prefix argument to insert the arglist into
   the editor buffer.  There is also a magic arglist facility that
   shows the arglist of the current function symbol automagically.

 * ILISP can find the definition and the callers of a procedure by
   various means; use `edit-definitions-lisp' and `edit-callers-lisp'.

 * Electric brackets: ] closes all open parens (if configured).

The official announcement is included below.  Also included is an
excerpt from my .emacs that I found useful when working with ILISP,
but YMMV.

-- Matthias

This is the official announcement of the availability of version 5.11 of
ILISP, a comprehensive Inferior Lisp replacement for Emacs and XEmacs.

ILISP official home is at

CVS support is in place at SourceForge
ILISP 5.11 can be downloaded from there.

Instructions about subscribing to the mailing lists are also at

We encourage all the ILISP users to upgrade and to send feedback to
the maintainers.

This new release has been made possible by way too many people to risk
missing any of them in an incomplete list.

Thanks to you all.

The ILISP Maintainers =========================================================

(setq ilisp-*prefix* "")
(setq ilisp-motd nil)
(require 'scheme) ;; Let ILISP change scheme-mode-map.
(modify-syntax-entry ?| "_" scheme-mode-syntax-table)
;; |hsajdsjadhjs| is an ancient syntax for slashified symbols, which
;; we don't want.  It confuses font locking of traces, for instance.
(setq ilisp-*use-frame-for-output* nil)
(setq ilisp-*use-frame-for-arglist-output-p* t)
(setq ilisp-*arglist-message-switch-back-p* nil)
(setq ilisp-*use-frame-for-documentation-output-p* t)
(setq ilisp-*use-fsf-compliant-keybindings* t)
(setq ilisp-bindings-*bind-right-bracket-p* t)
(setq lisp-no-popper nil)
(add-to-list 'special-display-regexps 
               (minibuffer . nil)
               (font . "fixed")
               (width . 80)
               (height . 30)))
(require 'ilisp "ilisp" t)
(if (featurep 'ilisp)
  ;; More bindings
  (ilisp-bind-ilisp-key-for-map scheme-mode-map " " 'mark-change-lisp [?\C- ]))

Matthias Köppe --

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