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Re: address@hidden: dynamic loading of native code modules]

From: NIIBE Yutaka
Subject: Re: address@hidden: dynamic loading of native code modules]
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:53:33 +0900 (JST)

Neil Jerram wrote:
 > But only _almost_ everybody?
 > (OK, I think that's enough devil's advocate from me on this general
 > argument.  In fact I'm as much in favour of simplifying and cleaning
 > up the core as everyone else, and I realize that sometimes we have to
 > compromise compatibility in order to move forward.  Let's just be as
 > considerate as we can in the process.)

I don't think guile had multi-byte support.  IIRC, Cygnus version (I
mean, before guile 1.0) had a feature of handling multibyte text
(convert it wide char text), and I've tested the feature for Japanese
text.  But I don't used it, as it's not well implemented.

I think that cleaning up is fair.  Wwe have the design guide written
by Jim Blandy, we could implement along that way.

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