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value of solo libqthreads

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: value of solo libqthreads
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 03:30:14 -0700


the value of anything is the combination of your desires as compared to
what that thing provides.

in the case of qthreads, what we desire is a cooperative threads
library, and what qthreads provides is basically portable SP munging
only; we need to implement the rest (i.e., queue and scheduling bits).
thus qthreads value alone is pretty low.

it's debatable whether sharing low-value things is good, so examining
current usage is indicated.  poll question: does anyone link against
libqthreads w/o linking against libguile?  (this is a repeat question,
but i want to explain the reasoning behind it, first, this time.)

lack of yes response is a good argument for internalizing libqthreads
and not installing it in $libdir.  subsequent guile installations should
not remove a previously installed libqthreads (or libguilereadline, for
that matter), however.

please feel free to forward this question to those who might be using
libqthreads standalone.  if they are and rely on guile installation to
provide it, i would like to learn the details (sooner than later ;-).


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