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Re: Announcement: dmd -0.7

From: tomas
Subject: Re: Announcement: dmd -0.7
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 10:11:43 +0200
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On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 09:44:52PM +0200, Wolfgang Jaehrling wrote:
> ;; Announcement: dmd -0.7                           -*- scheme -*-


> (define about-the-software
>   "The dmd program is a service manager, i.e. on the GNU system (which
> is the primary target), it replaces /sbin/init completely, [...]


Hey! you stole my idea ;-)

Seriously. I've been pondering about such an init replacement with a built
in interpreter (and Guile is an obvious choice) for quite a while now --
ever since the olden days when Lutz Donnerhacke presented his init replacement
at Linux Kongress 1999. I'm thrilled that you are tackling it.

> (define future-directions
>   "Various things will be added in the future, including runlevels, an
> update-rc.d implementation for Debian, support for existing SysV Init
> infrastructure, internationalization, evaluating configuration code in
> a sandbox, a graphical interface frontend and many others.")

Hrm. Have you considered a more dependency-oriented approach, where you
have `services' you want to have running which depend on other services
(a run level could be just a top-level service). This would manage the
starting order of things in an elegant way.

(If that's old things for you please excuse me for stating the obvious,
but then I think this would be a feature to include in the announcement).

-- tomas

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