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Re: Who has comiled guile 1.6.x on Mac OS X?

From: dskr
Subject: Re: Who has comiled guile 1.6.x on Mac OS X?
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 17:50:42 -0500

Fellow Guile users,

Here's some magic I use. I'm not a fink user, so some of these tweaks may not be necessary for people who choose to go down the fink path. I use guile-1.6.3 on Mac OS X daily along with guile-gtk-1.2-0.31 and guileGL-0.1.2. They are quite a trick to build and install as non-root -- each requires patches to deal with this situation.

As a further complication, the Guile build process inserts some nuggets about the build environment directly into the guile libraries. This makes moving the guile installation around quite a trick. I use a patch to the ice-9 boot scheme file that replaces %build-info with correct values at runtime.

Attached is a screenshot of my Guile environment on OS X. It lives in my Dock.

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Here's a shell function I use to build guile:

  if [ -f "/etc/redhat-release" ] ; then
    : # we don't currently have any redhatisms...
  elif [ -d "/Applications" ] ; then
    export CPPFLAGS="-traditional-cpp"

  rm -rf ./guile-$GUILE_VERSION
  tar -xvzf $SW_ROOT/guile/guile-$GUILE_VERSION.tar.gz
  cd guile-$GUILE_VERSION
    ./configure --prefix=$HOME/virt/guile-$GUILE_VERSION

    # patch guile with a target-specific patch
    if [ -f "../guile-$GUILE_VERSION.patch" ] ; then
      patch -p1 < ../guile-$GUILE_VERSION.patch
    elif [ -f "../guile.patch" ] ; then
      patch -p1 < ../guile.patch

    ./configure --prefix=$HOME/virt/guile-$GUILE_VERSION


    make install

  cd ..

Here's the guile.patch referenced above:

diff -urN guile-1.6.0-pristine/libguile/gc_os_dep.c guile-1.6.0/libguile/gc_os_dep.
--- guile-1.6.0-pristine/libguile/gc_os_dep.c   Sun Jan 12 06:03:20 2003
+++ guile-1.6.0/libguile/gc_os_dep.c    Sun Jan 12 06:04:50 2003
@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@
 #   define MACOS
 #   define mach_type_known
 # endif
-# if defined(macosx)
+# if defined(macosx) || (defined(__APPLE__) && defined(__ppc__))
 #    define MACOSX
 #    define POWERPC
 #    define mach_type_known
diff -urN guile-1.6.3-pristine/ guile-1.6.3/
--- guile-1.6.3-pristine/      Thu Feb  6 14:41:35 2003
+++ guile-1.6.3/       Thu Feb  6 14:41:56 2003
@@ -1107,7 +1107,7 @@

-       allow_undefined=no
+       #allow_undefined=no

        Dan Ridge

On Saturday, Apr 5, 2003, at 17:11 US/Eastern, Rick Taube wrote:

I have a Guile 1.6.1 running on OSX that I go from someone that was going to be Guile's Fink maintainer. But he doesnt seem to have officially signed up to do this, so Im not sure what the current status of Guile/Fink is. I can send you his OSX patches if you would like, not much had to be tweeked to compile in osx. It would be realy nice if the guile distribution itself were configurable for osx compilation.

On Saturday, Apr 5, 2003, at 15:06 America/Chicago, P. Krueckel wrote:


has anybody managed to compile guile 1.6.x
successfully on Mac OS X?



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