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Did you say "community"? What's that?!? (Episode 2)

From: Marco Maggi
Subject: Did you say "community"? What's that?!? (Episode 2)
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 19:34:07 +0200

In  the first  episode I  asked for  some  help to
complete my Guile binding to OpenSSL, which I have
to admit is not much fun to code.

  Now I  have written  a binding[1] to  GD[2] (the
graphics library  etc.)  which, you  have to admit
IS  somewhat funny.   Most of  the code  is there,
with   the  exception   of   FreeType  font   text
functions:  I  cannot  write  code  and  test  the
library with FreeType now, I need some help.

  So, if you are a  Linux+GNU user, you may try to
complete it and  then send me a patch  or a C file
with  the additional functions  and a  Scheme file
with some tests. Discussion  can take place on the
'gee-users' mailing list, hosted at GNA!

  It is  not difficult to code it:  we are talking
about a direct interface to 3 functions:

 gdImageStringFT gdImageStringFTEx gdImageStringFTCircle

it  is  "long",  though,  because there  are  many
options to be selected.

  To  ease  the  browsing  I have  translated  the
original  GD  documentation  from  (bad)  HTML  to
(nice)  Texinfo source:  you'll find  'gd.texi' in
the  'gd' directory of  the GEE  distribution. The
file is full of C code examples.

  At  present even  a  simple report  like "I  can
build the  source and successfully  run the tests"
is helpful for me.


[1] <>

[2] <>

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