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Re: Did you say "community"? What's that?!? (Episode 2)

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Did you say "community"? What's that?!? (Episode 2)
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 22:16:17 +0100
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"Marco Maggi" <address@hidden> writes:

> In  the first  episode I  asked for  some  help to
> complete my Guile binding to OpenSSL, which I have
> to admit is not much fun to code.

Out of interest, what happened with that, and how does it relate to
the TLS bindings that Aaron Van Devender (IIRC) was working on over
the summer?

>   Now I  have written  a binding[1] to  GD[2] (the
> graphics library  etc.)  which, you  have to admit
> IS  somewhat funny.

Why is it funny?

>   Most of  the code  is there,
> with   the  exception   of   FreeType  font   text
> functions:  I  cannot  write  code  and  test  the
> library with FreeType now, I need some help.
>   So, if you are a  Linux+GNU user, you may try to
> complete it and  then send me a patch  or a C file
> with  the additional functions  and a  Scheme file
> with some tests. Discussion  can take place on the
> 'gee-users' mailing list, hosted at GNA!

I think this kind of offer/appeal is implicit in any free software
project; I'm not sure you have to say it explicitly.

>   It is  not difficult to code it:  we are talking
> about a direct interface to 3 functions:
>  gdImageStringFT gdImageStringFTEx gdImageStringFTCircle
> it  is  "long",  though,  because there  are  many
> options to be selected.

But perhaps not all of those options need to be exposed to the Scheme

>   To  ease  the  browsing  I have  translated  the
> original  GD  documentation  from  (bad)  HTML  to
> (nice)  Texinfo source:

That sounds like something to feed back to the upstream GD project.


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