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Re: Working http-get example and still unsolved problem

From: Sunjoong Lee
Subject: Re: Working http-get example and still unsolved problem
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 23:40:37 +0900

Hi, Ian;

2012/5/7 Ian Price <address@hidden>
Thanks for pointing this out, and if you have other comments on the
implementation (and the close-port issue), I'll be happy to have them.

I don't understand the "close-port issue" exactly so this might be nonsense. I think you mean comment-out-ed (close-port port) of close in make-chunked-input-port.

http-get in client.scm calls close-port when keep-alive? keyword be false value. http-post of Greg Benison's use keep-alive? keyword only when making headers and does not call close-port; this is why my cc-ing to Greg.

In this today morning, I had thought what points need to patch if being https support. I had no experience to making that kind of codes and can't imagine I myself write it, so just a thought.

open-socket-for-uri need to make a session using gnu-tls; it does handshake with a server and so on. http-get (and http-post) need to send bye to that session when keep-alive? keyword be false value. So, close-port might be a role of http-get?

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