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Re: regexp character classes not supported?

From: Ian Price
Subject: Re: regexp character classes not supported?
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2013 10:47:11 +0000
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Mark H Weaver <address@hidden> writes:

> If you'd like a more advanced regexp library, and don't mind the fact
> that it will be much slower than Guile's built-in regexps, I recommend
> that you look at Alex Shinn's irregex package:

It is a very nice library, and guildhall users can obtain it with

  guild install wak-irregex

and require it with (use-modules (wak irregex))

> Irregex is written with Unicode in mind, and supports not only
> perl-style regexps, but also Olin Shivers' SRE (Scheme Regular
> Expression) syntax, which is a far superior notation for complex
> or dynamically-constructed regexps.

Ian Price --

"Programming is like pinball. The reward for doing it well is
the opportunity to do it again" - from "The Wizardy Compiled"

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