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Re: GNU Guile community in google+

From: zx spectrumgomas
Subject: Re: GNU Guile community in google+
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 11:36:53 +0100

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 3:00 AM, Nikita Karetnikov
<address@hidden> wrote:

> 1. Is it OK to use non-free and centralized services?

In my opinion yes because you are right morally, but you can't make a
cake without breaking eggs:

> I'm not going to explain why it's not OK in detail.  But I'd like to
> point out that if you use such a service, you encourage others to do
> the same.

> Here is an example:

        > I think that Guile probably could engage with users who are already on
        > proprietary social networks, in a kind of announcement-oriented way, 
        > I agree that we as a project shouldn't try to build a community there.
        > Perhaps we could have someone manage "official" accounts for Guile on
        > these services and link them up to re-post things from our news feed.

I think that Andy Wingo's solution is ideal because it is a compromise
between those who are using  and not. And frankly, historically even
among GNU Guile maintainers seems to be a division of opinion:

Tom Lord -> Account not found
Jim Blandy -> Account not found
Maciej Stachowiak ->
Mikael Djurfeldt ->
Marius Vollmer ->
Ludovic Court├Ęs -> For his comments on the thread it is clear that he
is totally against the use of non-free and centralized services.
Neil Jerram ->
Andy Wingo ->

Certainly, Vice President of Engineering and Products at Facebook ,
Greg Badros could also be Guile

> It's hard to change old habits that's why there /will/ be a community.
> Instead of discussing Guile there, we should explain why it's not
> ethical to use such networks.

In this you have a point, but if the account is used well, kind of
announcement-oriented way, it can not encourage it. For example, .

> 2. How to promote Guile.

> It's important to identify why you want to promote Guile.  For instance,
> if you want to educate newcomers, you can write a howto or improve the
> manual.  Then you can share your work using ethical services and start a
> discussion.

Overwhelming majority of teenagers newcomers will not find this
documentation. I've been talking with people in social networks 30
years old who are studying haskell, clojure, racket ... and neither
knew existed GNU Guile. For example Stallman when asked in interviews
what their preferred language he says "Lisp", and no mention  GNU
Guile. He never does it, a very clear mistake.

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