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Marketing Guile (was Re: GNU Guile community in google+)

From: hellekin (GNU Consensus)
Subject: Marketing Guile (was Re: GNU Guile community in google+)
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 15:59:59 -0300
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On 01/13/2013 08:33 AM, Andy Wingo wrote:
> Is there something that we need to build into somehow?
*** I think Guile's role in the GNU operating system is understated.

It would be nice to provide a somewhat short page that describes, if
possible visually, where Guile sits in the GNU OS, and a basic
introduction on how to get started with extending one's program with
Guile. Most of the contents of this introductory page would certainly
come from existing documentation.

The idea would be to make Guile a more visible element of the GNU, to
raise developer awareness about it. I'd be happy to work with some of
you Guile maintainers to define such a page.

I'm not sure *where* such a page would best appear. It could sit in the
existing Guile's web repository, and be linked from the
homepage. It could also become part of some new "Free Software Developer
Guide" that describes the steps to create a program from scratch, or
integrate an existing program in the GNU. I'm not aware of any such
documentation that clarifies the specificities of the GNU project
regarding program structure; I know there is documentation scattered
around many manuals, but not a single, quite short introduction that
would give developers an overview of the specificities of GNU packages,
and the consistency of the system.


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