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Kisê 0.9.3 released

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Kisê 0.9.3 released
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 01:53:49 -0200

Hello all,

I pleased to announce the release of Kisê version 0.9.3

Happy hacking,

( get it here )

( website )

( about )

Kisê is a small and easy to use time keeping application.

It can be used in a single user mode or by small organizations. The fields it
handles are: a date, who, for whom, what, a duration, whether or not to be 
and a description.

It includes, on the main application screen, a powerful dynamic filters criteria
mechanism, which lets you visualize, work on and print a subset of your time 

A printing templates system allows you to (pre)define, reuse and hence quickly
generate the pdf files and/or printed reports of your needs.

An export/import facility is under work for remote collaboration.

( changes )

Kisê version 0.9.3 is out! This is essentially a known bugs fixed release. (a) 
combination of a date and one or several text filter criteria, one of them at 
using one of the & | ! [and, or, not] operator was not returning the proper 
of entries. we believe it has been fixed, but further tests and feedback are 
then welcome!. (b) Since version 0.9.2 Kisê's user configuration file
[~/.config/kise.conf] keeps track of its main window's position, but this 
revealed a
bug in the writing procedure, leading to Kisê asking which database it should 
even when the user did check the 'please reuse this database for future 
option of the open database dialog: very annoying, sorry for the inconvenience, 
has been solved as well. (c) In a very specific situation, we believe no users 
faced it, the database name displayed aside the 'List of entries' frame title 
be incorrect. (d) Other then these 2 important and 1 minor bugs fixed, Kisê's 
configuration file now also keeps track of its main window's size.

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