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Re: Interactive Debugging

From: Matt Wette
Subject: Re: Interactive Debugging
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2019 05:39:58 -0700
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On 10/17/19 9:39 PM, Christopher Howard wrote:
Hi, it seems like with the flexibility of Guile, I should be able to do
something like this:
```(define (foo)  (let ((a 1)        (b 2)        (c 3))    (jump-into-
And have access to a, b, and c and their values. But I'm not quite
figuring out how to this.

Define dump-into-debugging-repl as

(start-repl #:debug (make-debug (stack->vector (make-stack #t)) 0 "trap!" #t))

But as for getting access to locals I don't know if there is a solution.   I have worked on removing slot sharing in the CPS processing but it's not working and I probably won't work on it anytime soon.

Apparently the best option for debugging is to use guile-1.8.


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