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Re: Interactive Debugging

From: Christopher Howard
Subject: Re: Interactive Debugging
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2019 05:38:03 -0800

> Define dump-into-debugging-repl as
> (start-repl #:debug (make-debug (stack->vector (make-stack #t)) 0 
> "trap!" #t))
> But as for getting access to locals I don't know if there is a 
> solution.   I have worked on removing slot sharing in the CPS
> processing 
> but it's not working and I probably won't work on it anytime soon.
> Apparently the best option for debugging is to use guile-1.8.
> Matt

For posterity: the required modules are

(use-modules (system repl repl)
             (system repl debug))

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