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Re: emacs packages

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: emacs packages
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 14:42:50 -0400
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Federico Beffa <address@hidden> writes:

> What do you think about the attached implementation?


> +(define (emacs-byte-compile files)
> +  "Byte compile FILES, a list of file names."
> +  (if (pair? files)
> +      (for-each (lambda (f)
> +                  (let ((expr `(let ()
> +                                 (push ,(dirname f) load-path)
> +                                 (byte-compile-file ,f))))
> +                    (emacs-batch-eval expr)))
> +                files)
> +      (error "emacs-byte-compile failed: not a list of files!" files)))
> +

I would prefer to let an emacs expert (Alex?) comment on this, but here
are some preliminary comments:

* I wouldn't bother checking the type of 'files', since 'for-each' will
  do that.  Also, () is a list but not a pair.

* Maybe use 'progn' instead of 'let ()' ?

* Instead of launching a separate emacs process for each file, how about
  passing the list of filenames into emacs and do the loop within emacs


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