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Re: GSOC 2016 Application

From: sapientech
Subject: Re: GSOC 2016 Application
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 00:08:27 -0700
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Hi Chris thanks for the response!

On 2016-03-25 09:03, Chris Marusich wrote:
I would be happy to share with you the hacky little shell scripts I use
to do this today.  They're simple automations of the manual procedure,
really, but perhaps they could be useful.  I am not familiar with the
implementation details of installer wizards used by other distros, but
I've seen and used my fair share of them.

I would definitely like to see the shell scripts you have -- just let me know how you would like to share those files.

- Consider both a text-based and graphical application using

While it's good to plan for both text and graphical UI, maybe it will be more efficient to pick one to focus on, and treat the other as a stretch

I agree and should turn the GUI interface into a stretch goal.

- Design for portability for use in other software distributions that
lack a proper installer wizard

Again, this is a nice idea, but it might be more efficient to focus on
getting it to work with Guix first.

- An emphasis on rigorous test suites, with stability prioritized over features

GuixSD is still beta software.  Is it a good idea to make one of your
goals be "the installer is stable" when the system it's installing is
not stable?

I also agree with your sentiments here that I should prioritize Guix before considering other operating systems.

One reason I think stability is particularly important here though, is that installs have to check for a lot of edge cases, and it's generally difficult for users to solve the problem since the api is so limited. I agree I shouldn't go overboard, as Guile itself is in beta, though :)


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