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Re: Review process

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Review process
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2016 16:09:32 +0200
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Alex Kost <address@hidden> skribis:

> Mathieu Lirzin (2016-07-23 12:51 +0300) wrote:
>> Alex Kost <address@hidden> writes:


>>> I just wrote this because I'm almost sure that some day I will maintain
>>> emacs interface separately from Guix again.  I've been regretting all
>>> the time that it became a part of Guix.
>> I am interested to know what do you miss from that the period you were
>> maintaining it separately?
> Oh, this is easy: if I maintain something myself, I don't ask anyone, I
> just commit whatever seems appropriate to me, and that's it.  When I
> send patches for emacs UI to the mailing list, it's like I ask
> permissions to modify a part of code I wrote.

Let’s make it crystal clear: to me, you have full authority over the
guix.el code.

I’ve stated it several times, but maybe not clearly enough.  Apologies!

IOW, I think it’s fine if you commit directly changes to these parts of
the code.  Of course, I appreciate discussion when making non-trivial
feature changes—discussion not with me specifically, but with users.

It would be a great loss and a technical hindrance if guix.el was moved
out of Guix.  I don’t want that to happen, so let me know what the
ransom should be!  ;-)


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