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Re: [WIP PATCH] gnu: add U-Boot support to operating-system configuratio

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Re: [WIP PATCH] gnu: add U-Boot support to operating-system configuration.
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 13:07:32 +0200

Hi everyone,

On Sat, 10 Sep 2016 19:52:49 +0200
David Craven <address@hidden> wrote:
> Thanks Danny! Awesome work! =) I'm really excited to see this hitting 
> master...


The version I posted in this thread should be the simplest version that still 

I'm using the grub part of it every day (I modified my original git guix and 
did system reconfigure multiple times) so I've tested it. 

Did you test the vm part? I ran it and I can see that it starts up and provides 
ssh, apparently, but I have no idea how to connect to its network. 

If all these things are fine I think it would be ready enough to merge.

There is still future work to be done (renaming "grub" -> "bootloader" etc 
except for the really grub-specific parts) but it's actually not that important 
to rename - it works now.

Also there are still open questions:

- How did install-grub find grub before? I do pass where the grub-install 
executable is as parameter now and that works. But how did it work without it? 
*scratches head* (there was a thread "How does install-grub work?" before but 
apparently nobody knows)

- It would be nice to have a (bootloader (grub-configuration (package grub)))  
which would install grub if "package" was specified and not install grub 
otherwise (but do install the config files). Likewise for (bootloader 
(u-boot-configuration (package (make-u-boot-package ....)))). Right now - as 
David found out - the package "grub" is hardcoded in some places instead. Do we 
want that?

- Do we want to install both config files (the one for grub and the one for 
u-boot (and possible other)) automatically every time the system is 
reconfigured? That would require less configuration - it would just magically 
work if there is any of these bootloaders installed already (without any 
"(bootloader ...)" form). Right now you have to choose between 
u-boot-configuration and grub-configuration - but actually that choice could be 
dispensed with if we wanted - there's very little - if any - difference in what 
config data they need (the *format* is different). 

- I added a FIXME to the install-grub documentation comment because I don't 
think that's the entire story.

  It says "Install GRUB with GRUB.CFG on DEVICE, which is assumed to be mounted 
on MOUNT-POINT.". Does it mean "Install GRUB (with GRUB.CFG on DEVICE), which 
is assumed to be mounted on MOUNT-POINT" or "Install (GRUB with GRUB.CFG) on 
DEVICE, which is assumed to be mounted on MOUNT-POINT"?

  Usually I install grub to a drive, not a specific partition. My bootloader 
form says (grub-configuration (device "/dev/sda")) and that seems to work fine.

  But the GRUB.CFG is on a partition. Which one? It seems certainly able to 
find out where - and it all works fine. So if someone knows how that works, 
exactly, please clarify the comment :)

  It's a similar situation with U-Boot - only I don't think that it's 
permissible to install u-boot onto a partition at all. Its config file yes. Its 
executable? No.

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