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From: ng0
Subject: 0ad
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2016 21:15:15 +0000

[PATCH 1/3] gnu: Add mozjs-38.
[PATCH 2/3] gnu: Add 0ad-data.
[PATCH 3/3] gnu: Add 0ad.

The main TODO here is 0ad itself.
Right now this is just something I'm stuck with because I have other priorities 
around Guix.
TODO 1: Unbundle and/or replicate spidermonkey as shipped by upstream 0ad. This 
is absolutely required as certain patches are applied which can not be sent 
upstream by them.
TODO 2: After I added the /bin/sh symlink phase I didn't touch this package for 
a while and didn't fix any errors which might exist now.

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