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Re: Ruby 2.4.0 update

From: Ben Woodcroft
Subject: Re: Ruby 2.4.0 update
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2017 21:16:22 +1000
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Hi Marius,

On 26/12/16 23:18, Ben Woodcroft wrote:
On 26/12/16 03:09, Marius Bakke wrote:
In good tradition, ruby made a new release today (25/12)[0].

I tried building some packages with the new version, but ruby-minitest
complains that Rake 12 is too new (even with the latest minitest). There
have been some core changes as well, with Fixnum and Bignum now merged
into a single Integer class.
I updated ruby-minitest to the newest version and pushed, but as you mention the check phase requires rake <12. This actually stems from hoe though rather than minitest, I've asked the devs about it here:
This issue has now been fixed in hoe, in the just released 3.16.0. I just pushed this to master after building the downstream packages without issue as '8e941f20',.

I'm not sure that the Fixnum/Bignum changes are particularly harmful if I'm understanding correctly, since both classes can still be used. I can't see any possible backwards incompatibility.
Well, I suppose it isn't impossible. Shouldn't say such things.

I suggest that we keep ruby 2.3 as the main "ruby" variable until the
ecosystem catches up. Users will still get the latest version when
using `guix package` or `guix environment`. WDYT?
I would agree, but I'd hope that the hoe issue is an isolated one and that we can make ruby-2.4 the default very soon.
What do you think about making 2.4 the default and pushing to staging, if there are no obvious issues?

Thanks and happy travels,

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