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Re: PHP on core-updates

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: Re: PHP on core-updates
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 12:18:52 -0500
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On Thu, Mar 02, 2017 at 05:55:30PM +0100, Marius Bakke wrote:
> julien lepiller <address@hidden> writes:
> > Le 2017-03-01 16:34, julien lepiller a écrit :
> >> I've "fixed" the glib failure by disabling a test. Attached are
> >> patches I would like to see in core-updates. If it's too late to add
> >> the patch for gd, then I would like to keep gd-for-php. This time I've
> >> tested them and php works.
> >
> > A better version of those patches. I still don't know why glib tests 
> > hang. I had to add gnutls as an input because otherwise the build 
> > doesn't find "-lgnutls". There's no problem with the same php version on 
> > master, so I guess a dependency doesn't propagate gnutls anymore.
> Ok, thanks for the update! The latter two patches LGTM for
> 'core-updates'. I would hold the glib patch until we understand what's
> going on, I am not able to reproduce it.
> Please also update the commit message of the PHP patch to mention the
> new inputs and arguments change, as well as the removal of the
> "gd-for-php" variable.


Please add the link to the upstream commit in the XBM patch, as
requested in my previous message.

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