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[EOT] Re: Being excellent to one another

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: [EOT] Re: Being excellent to one another
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2017 15:50:05 +0100
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> * I am not playing a game - I think this is very serious.
> * I have not breached the code of conduct (at your request I have just read
>   it again).
> * I am trying my *utmost* to act with restraint and consideration in the face
>   of persistent provocation.
> * I have said on several occasions that we should all agree to live with
>   our differences and let this thread stop.

thank you for your clarification.  We’d like to end discussions in this
thread, so let me just make a final statement on behalf of the

Some of your comments in this thread were considered derogatory, and
they actively made at least one participant uncomfortable.  This outcome
is undesirable and as a group we need to make sure it does not happen

Re-reading the thread I see that some of your earlier off-topic
statements in the thread can be interpreted as antagonising, even if you
hold they were not *meant* to be hurtful or trolling.  The same applies
to some comments and examples that were made in later messages to
illustrate your points.  ng0 asked for multiple times that “singular
they” be used when referring to them.  Your response to the use of
“singular they” was “I refuse to use it”.

  1. In the future, please respect the gender of participants by using
     the pronouns they ask for (when they do).  Alternatively, use
     their names instead of pronouns.

  2. Avoid assumptions by using gender-neutral wording.

This project considers this form of respect to be more important than
what some might consider “good English grammar”.  We also acknowledge
that there have been harsh messages on both sides, including personal
insults; this is also not in the spirit of mutual respect that the code
of conduct suggests, the foundation for communications in this group.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Like you wrote above, we can agree to
live with our differences and respect them.  Let’s stop this thread and
continue in the spirit of the code of conduct.


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PS: If any of the participants feel that we have handled this case in an
    unsatisfactory manner, please write to the maintainers (Ludo and
    myself) off list.

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