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‘core-updates’ merged!

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: ‘core-updates’ merged!
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2017 00:39:37 +0200
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Hello Guix!

With the last blocker out of the way, I’ve merged the branch!

The (not so new) news:

  • Updates: glibc 2.25, coreutils 8.26, grep 3.0, guile 2.0.14,
    sed 4.4, tzdata 2017a, etc.

  • Packages are built with GCC 5 (was 4.9).

  • Aarch64 is supported!

  • Reproducibility fixes: new ‘reset-gzip-timestamps’ build phase, use
    of Guile 2.0.14 which produces .go files deterministically,
    ‘perl-build-system’ no longer produces ‘perllocal.pod’ files (which
    were not reproducible).

  • No more broken store references in grafted stuff!

  • Only one entry in ‘GIT_EXEC_PATH’ & co.!

  • GNU/Hurd and powerpc-linux-gnu cross-compilation fixes.

… and probably lots of other things long forgotten.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to address the issues in this



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