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Re: website question

From: Catonano
Subject: Re: website question
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2017 22:17:47 +0200

2017-04-05 20:38 GMT+02:00 Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden>:

I don’t understand what this message is about.  Is there some context
I’m missing?

Ok, this is how I understand this issue

ng0 is preparing their web site for promoting their project (a live distro based on Guix)

One feature ng0 wants for their site is the ability to show the contents of such site localized in several languages.

Like the Taler site (only parts are actually translated, as far as I can tell)

It seems that Artanis and Haunt have no such functionality

So ng0 is thinking to extend those and implement that functionality themselves

Because they want something Guile based

So they're asking how to proceed in order to make the result of such effort available not only to their site, but to the general Artanis/Haunt community.

This is the context, to the extent that I'm aware of it

My suggestion would be to extend Artanis/Haunt and send patches upstream.

The Guile web site will catch up eventually.

Otherwise, ng0, you could manage to produce some patches that apply to the common subset of files (common between Artanis/Haunt and your site)

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