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Re: [PATCH] gnu: go: Update to 1.8.1

From: Petter
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnu: go: Update to 1.8.1
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 19:55:35 +0200

Hi Leo,

Good point! As the build succeeded I didn't think any of it. This could be important for other architectures than what Sergei and I are using.

find /tmp/go/src/cmd/ -name '*asm\.c*'
doesn't return any file. Looks like they've removed these files. I'm pretty sure they're working to "free" their source of C code, so I wouldn't expect these files to reappear in a later release either.

With this information I think it's safe to remove the asm.c substitution.


On 2017-04-17 19:18, Leo Famulari wrote:
On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 03:37:49PM +0200, Petter wrote:
Hi Sergei,

I definitely think your fix deserves recognition. Without it I would
certainly have been unable to build 1.8(.1)? this month. While editing the recipe is trivial mechanical wise, figuring out what to change was not :)

Sorry to hear about your issues; I'm on x86_64 and Linux as well though...

> $ /gnu/store/b4gflqj64yvksq7959r6m22mf9lzdy69-go-1.8.1/bin/go version
> go version go1.8.1 linux/amd64

Hope you'll be able to work this out!

Thanks for fixing Go 1.8 :)

Yes, thanks to both of you for picking this up :)

@@ -300,8 +301,8 @@ sequential processes (CSP) concurrent programming features added.") (("/etc/services") (string-append net-base "/etc/services")))
                  (substitute* "time/zoneinfo_unix.go"
                    (("/usr/share/zoneinfo/") tzdata-path))
-                 (substitute* (find-files "cmd" "asm.c")
-                   (("/lib/ld-linux.*\\.so\\.[0-9]") loader))
+                 (substitute* (find-files "cmd" "\\.go")
+                   (("/lib(64)?/ld-linux.*\\.so\\.[0-9]") loader))

The substitution that is removed here would still patch some files.
Shouldn't we adjust the old substitution to also match '/lib64', as well
as add the new substitution?

I've attached a patch for that.

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