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Open Government Data License & CC-BY 4.0

From: Brendan Tildesley
Subject: Open Government Data License & CC-BY 4.0
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 17:31:11 +1000
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I would like to package the cns-11643 fonts published at , however the license ( ) is the Open Government Data License
published by the Taiwanese government, and is not available in Guix.

According to

and the license it's self (clause 4.2) The license is compatible with
the CC-BY 4.0 license, although that is not in Guix either it seems. I
do not understand the legalities, but it seems that this license is only
really usable in Taiwan, and so we should use the CC-BY 4.0 instead.

This is how debian has set their license file:

In any case, I find it all rather perplexing. What is the appropriate
way to deal with this in Guix and how should this package's (license
...) be set?

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