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Re: [PATCH] gnu: Add Xfce Notification Daemon.

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnu: Add Xfce Notification Daemon.
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2017 16:39:19 +0200
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Petter <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Efraim,
> On Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:22:43 +0300
> Efraim Flashner <address@hidden> wrote:
>> The collection of inputs makes me wonder if it should be glib-or-gtk
>> build-system and not "just" gnu-build-system. I don't have a good way to
>> test if its necessary, but I'd look around.
> Here's an updated patch using glib-or-gtk-build-system. I've removed
> superfluous inputs, some where even superfluous with the gnu-build-system as
> well, (I initially based the inputs on the build instructions provided with
> the package). It's quite tidy now :)

Takk! Pushed as b63106089a1eb2ac76303886f926f74967879386.

By the way, patches should now be sent to the new "address@hidden"
issue tracker. :-)

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