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Qt: We need to search for "QLibrary().loadLibrary()"

From: Hartmut Goebel
Subject: Qt: We need to search for "QLibrary().loadLibrary()"
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2017 23:27:46 +0200
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while building KDE plasma, I stepped over an issue that some programs
try to load libXcursor from some places and with different names, but
did not find it.

The reason is that the program "only" uses qtbase (resp., and does not have libxcursor as input and thus not in
it's RUNPATH. Qt tries to load the lib from several places, but not from
/gnu/store/…-libxcursor-…/lib/. I will prepare a patch for this one case.

A quick grep showed at least on other place that might be effected:
src/network/ssl/qsslsocket_openssl_symbols.cpp, which is loading the
"ssl" library. Nix[1] also has some patches, which should help finding
the relevant places.

Can please anybody take care of this issue and search *all* qt packages
for such uses. Thanks in advance!


Hartmut Goebel

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