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Re: website: say what Guix is at the very top

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: website: say what Guix is at the very top
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 15:47:27 +0100
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Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

> Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> skribis:
>> It seems unfortunate to me that we have one shared website for GuixSD
>> and Guix.  As much as I love GuixSD, I think Guix is the main “product”
>> and GuixSD would need to be moved to a subsite.  That’s primarily
>> because GuixSD can be explained in terms of Guix, but explaining Guix as
>> “the package manager we use for GuixSD” seems less helpful.
>> My proposal is to keep focussed on Guix the
>> functional software environment manager, and have the distro under
>> What do you think?
> In principle I think it’s a good idea.  In practice I’m not sure what
> this would look like, though.
> For instance, does that mean /distro would be a “second home page”, with
> screenshots, contacts, blog entries, baseline, and all?  Or would it be
> different?  What would be remove from or add to the actual home page?

I think of /distro as just a leaf page, not a whole website on its own.

- The logo in the menu bar should be the Guix logo.  The GuixSD logo
  could be shown in the contents of the /distro page.

- The menu should probably have an item for GuixSD

- The screenshots are applicable to GuixSD only, in my opinion, so they
  don’t make much sense on the Guix home page.  I guess we could have
  Guix-only text “screenshots” to show the command-line user interface.

- I’d remove the “All packages” button from “Discover GuixSD”

- “GNU Guix in other GNU/Linux distros” is a great section that should
  link to the Guix package manager’s home page.

- I would remove the blog, contact, and “GuixSD and GNU Guix in your
  field” sections from the distro sub-page to avoid duplication.

- The two sites should have separate Download sections.

… and as I imagine these changes I become confused about how to link to
these two download pages.  Having a single “Download” link at the top
bar would not work when we want to offer separate pages for GuixSD and
Guix.  We could have /distro/download, which would be linked from the
/distro page, just like we currently have /download linked from right
after the introduction.  It would have to be a very prominent button,
shown “above the page fold” so that we can drop the “Download” item
from the menu bar.

The download page for GuixSD should offer the GuixSD options first and
link to the Guix download page ater the options — and vice versa.

(I’m not as sure about these proposed individual changes as I am about
the proposal to separate the pages for Guix and GuixSD.)


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