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Re: website: say what Guix is at the very top

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: website: say what Guix is at the very top
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 23:20:17 +0100
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Hi Malcolm,

> I entirely agree that with the right educational materials you are
> going to see have the possibility of appealing to other
> groups/cultures/biases.

Yes, I think that does make sense.

> Having a section for each of the 2**3 type of user might be the
> perfect compromise.
> Perhaps try to appeal to each audience not with "the first foo to bar"
> language, but rather the language of use cases, such as:
>       As an administrator of a general purpose HPC cluster, I can focus on
>       networking optimizations ("the last mile", I/O, CUDA, performance,
>       permissions, interesting massively parallel etc) rather than keeping
>       up-to-date with every last scientific application.
>       Guix's garbage collection capabilities remove the guess-work from
>       deleting "old" versions of libraries from my installation!
>       As an system administrator, solving the dependency hell of end-user
>       applications should not be my problem!  Guix puts this problem where
>       it belongs - in the hand of application specialists.
>       As an sysadmin administrator, with guix I am removed from the
>       politics of when to update an application!
>       Documenting what applications are installed used to be a separate
>       problem from that of installing them.   With GUIX, performing the
>       installation makes them appear in my software catalog.  No more
>       worries about inconsistencies!

(It’s “Guix”, not “GUIX”.  People at work also always write “GUIX” and I
can’t figure out why…  Maybe we should come up with a backronym to make
it a valid alternative spelling :))

>       As a user of advanced scientific applications, I am now in a position 
> to deploy which applications I need as I see fit, and have the upstream 
> community support to share the tooling.
>       As a bioinformatics developer, the same tools I use to install 
> application environments can be used to deploy advanced workflows with the 
> same level of confidence.
> Does this strike a sweet spot?

I like these testimonial style descriptions, and I think it makes sense
to add separate sections for different archetypical users.  (We already
have a related section entitled “GuixSD and GNU Guix in your field”,
which I found intriguing, but it only links to blog posts with certain

However, I think that this is tangential to the question of whether to
move the GuixSD description and intro to a separate page.  If we added
those sections they’d be only about Guix, not about GuixSD, no?


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