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Translating to Chinese, Spanish and Japanese (and more)

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: Translating to Chinese, Spanish and Japanese (and more)
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2018 10:07:16 +0100
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We would like have the website translated to Chinese and some other
languages that represent a large group of non-native English speakers,
such as Spanish, Bengali and Japanese. For this we need to add support
for i8n to haunt, which is a technical issue, but we also would like
to invite native speakers to come forward and perhaps introduce some
helpers who are interested in spreading free software in places that
need it!

It is not meant to be a lot of work, one day per language would probably
do. But it needs to be someone who understands free software to get
the lingo right. How do you translate 'rolling software deployment'.
You don't want it to be 'fuming dragon on carpet', though that may
actually be the better representation ;)

We can start simply translating the front page and perhaps one or two
blogs. I think that once we bootstrap there will be more people
pitching in. But you need to get the attention first.

Just a small sacrifice of your time with tremendous potential impact!

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