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Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement

From: Tonton
Subject: Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement
Date: Sun, 13 May 2018 02:27:22 +0200


I've recently been reading a lot about codes of conduct, inclusion,
diversity, and similar topics - mainly in perspective of informatics
communities and free software.

I originally thought I'd find and propose a code of conduct because I wasn't
aware Guix had one. But I did find one when I grepped the sources. This
raises the first question: should we make the CoC more prominent or somehow
inform about it better? For example by putting it or a link to it in the topic
of the IRC channel, as it's own page on the website, if possible as part of
the welcome message to the mailing lists, others?

A second question is, the contributor covenant has evolved, should we upgrade
ours from 1.3.0 to the current

The recurse center/hackerschool [manuals](
section on "social rules" is also much recommended, the whole document is
quite good. For anyone interested in the topic.

I'd be happy to provide more resources, seeing as I've spent the better part
of a week researching this (I binge read when I find something interesting :).

Would like to say that this is probably the best informatics community I've
been part of and the reason I'm bringing it up is to make a statement that we
care, and to make it easier for outsiders and potential participants to see
that this is in fact part of our backbone. I'm so often positively surprised
by the quality of communication here.

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