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Resources around inclusion, diversity, conduct and harrasment (was Re: C

From: Tonton
Subject: Resources around inclusion, diversity, conduct and harrasment (was Re: Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement)
Date: Sun, 13 May 2018 14:47:12 +0200


Here is a bunch of curated links on the topic from what I've found the last
week or so with binge-reading/research. I'm adding short descriptions to some
were the link itself is not explanatory. Trying to put them in order of "value
for time" and usefulness for us, as a free software community.

An outstanding resource, that unfortunately requires physical presence, is
the ally skills workshops, if you ever have the chance - take it.

Some of these articles will contain more or less explicit retellings or
examples of Bad-Behaviour(TM). These articles are marked with '#TW#', and most
(if not all) have a warning from the author before the text itself.
See also the sections 'struggling' and 'mental health'.

How to not have "rock stars" with too much social influence in a group. But
also has loads of general guidelines for making safer spaces.
On speaking out and safety for those thinking about speaking out.



Something to watch out for. Explanation of a term.
The geekfeminism wiki is a great resource for topics generally in the area of
inclusion, diversity and harrasment. These are specifically on code of
conduct and similar.
First of these two is a response far into one of the subthreads by user
graydon2 (from other responses seems like a previous core maintainer or
similar of rust). This discussion brings the gray very well into the

At this point we are getting into specific cases, more details, and more work
necessary for analysis and understanding.




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