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Re: Come back and graphical installer

From: bill-auger
Subject: Re: Come back and graphical installer
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 22:47:29 -0400

FWIW, i will add that the bulk of effort required to have a pretty
user-friendly mouse-centric installer for guixsd is not with the
installer itself, but in making a liveISO that boots a graphical
environment - i would not consider ncurses to be "graphical" and most
casual users would not either - if non-technical people are ever going
to try guixsd, then a fully graphical liveISO X desktop environment
with a mouse-centric installer will be essential

i have experience with the calamares installer which is
very much a ready-made, modular, distro-agnostic solution - all that
would be required for calamares is to write a new module that scripts a
standard command line install procedure and everything else (the GUI,
partitioning, a pretty slideshow) is included for free and maintained
upstream - about a year ago i discussed this with rekado and offered
that i would be willing to adapt it for guix but it was seen then
(as it apparently still is now) to be low-priority, so i left it at that

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